Mariachi music Origin and Tradition was founded in March, 2011 in the city of Houston Texas by talented musicians Alfredo Rojas and Adrian Longoria, who took the initiative to create a mariachi band blending the talent of  young elements and others of proven experience like music director Pedro García (El Hijin).


Mariachi Origen y Tradicion's core values are respect and exceptional representation of  the mariachi tradition, discipline, responsibility, cheerfulness, and excellent musical quality. We take Mexico's most traditional music to all social events as well as to concerts and performances by mariachi singers and other artists.

Throughout its history  Mariachi Origen y Tradicion has recorded albums for Roel Nava, Juan Romero and Humberto Corona. The talent and experience of  Alfredo Rojas as director has landed Mariachi Origen y Tradicion performances with  international artists like Ezequiel Peña, Laura Flores, Pepe Aguilar, Pepe Piña, Pedro Fernández, Ana Gabriel, Alejandro Fernández, Pablo Montero, Sheila Durcal, José Feliciano, Yolanda de el Rio, Beatriz Adriana and Marco Antonio Solís "El Buki" and many others.

Mariachi Origin and Tradition's music is recognized for its traditional style, always respectful to the roots of mariachi music. We strive for constant development of our music technique as a group as well of our individual members. Our continuous evolution enables us to take our music to international stages and also to anywhere our clients require it.


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